From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 04:59:24: Good motorcycling weather today. Saw 3 guys biking it on the roads this morning.
  • 06:04:09: 9 limbed transit kitteh today! Three-pawin’ it!
  • 06:19:13: Of course, I’m ass-&-1/2-ing it today.
  • 06:19:41: @auroradafox RTS?
  • 07:37:48: @auroradafox I know that! Which transit agency?
  • 08:42:23: @hawkster log out of IM systems via the app, then close it. Their server has you logged in.
  • 09:45:19: @Oceanrider Wait, folks in line to drop off their DSes so their Pokemon can be leveled up? WTF!?!?!
  • 10:15:52: @Catwoman69y2k I’m searching for glow-in-dark latex right now. 🙂
  • 16:17:44: RT @egypturnash: I’m doing a commission raffle for Japanese disaster relief. $5 gives you a chance to get a Serious Commission from me. …

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