From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 03:04:00: @BigBlueFox I popped a few during FC. I’ll upload the raw footage if you want, see how crappy the iPhone 4’s HD camera is.
  • 03:07:17: RT @tweedpipe: Fox News demands withdrawal of all Twitter criticism of its reporting. So: Fox News is the worst journalism in the world. …
  • 05:37:32: Taurtrain is active today! But not green. #taursday
  • 13:26:46: Gottagethomegottaopenpackagegottaplaywithnewtechgottagethomegotta…
  • 13:27:52: Can you say 6-pair taurtrain transitkitteh is itching to get home and play with hir new laptop?
  • 13:57:27: @stego_s_aurus oh? Pic?
  • 14:37:55: @bobskunk Taurtrain would take special train, alas.
  • 17:48:42: @stego_s_aurus Where is this pic?

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