From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 03:02:09: @matthewebel Chargeback. EA’s a mess.
  • 03:04:31: @GraafenBlackpaw Make sure it’s not an Atom or Via Eden in there! You’ll need the power.
  • 03:40:18: @notch Piston Mod?
  • 03:43:02: @TokoGT What virus scanner? MacDefender got a spoof version that’s floating around.
  • 06:51:07: @BigBlueFox I’m so glad I finished a Mencoder convert-2-iOS script for all BBF videos (save the MMC ones, gotta code for that).
  • 07:10:28: RT @thinkgeek: ZZ Gandalf, hippest wizard this side of Gondor: Also: Sir @ianmckellen118 tweets & has a Flickr. Enjoy.
  • 07:16:44: @PeglaSkunk Next week.
  • 07:22:20: RT @GeorgeTakei: Huckabee, Trump lead straw poll for Republican nom. Same poll has both losing badly to Obama…and to Carrot Top.
  • 07:24:31: @FuzzWolf2000 Well stop playing that! We didn’t want it pouring here in Charm City! #charmingisntit
  • 07:29:21: I get the feeling i need to tell @lizardbeth about this… RT @krinndnz: Hey Internet perverts!
  • 08:57:43: RT @grantimahara: My new show Killer Robots premieres Memorial day weekend on @ScienceChannel! VIDEO
  • 10:28:35: 10ga feels loose. Pondering jumping soon to 6ga, skipping 8ga.
  • 14:56:18: @bigbluefox’s MMC #12 video being recompressed now. Looks like my script’s working pretty good…
  • 14:58:41: @TokoGT Gotta start small.
  • 17:04:33: @Tincrash Nope, you’ll be at home in Baltimore.
  • 17:29:34: @Kamber @Tincrash I’ll have to remember that around the hoss. It’s normal around Baltimore to say “Hon”.
  • 17:30:08: @rubberzebra Another Facebook problem? Glad I’m not on it.
  • 17:31:13: @Tincrash You should come down and visit the Hon Cafe, which embraces said culture, all the way to beehive hairstyle.
  • 17:40:26: @rubberzebra I do Foursquare myself, but I don’t check in everywhere (only good places) nor let it spam Twitter.
  • 17:59:18: @Tincrash I’m not sure. is the page.
  • 18:43:47: RT @2_gryphon: Flight canceled. Stuck in Atlanta all night and *bam!* scored a free hotel from Delta. Any Atlanta furries wanna party?

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