From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 03:02:58: @Catwoman69y2k Pzhaw! Pansies! They want crab? They better get to Maryland, clean up their crab from our bay!
  • 03:03:57: @ThunderRoo Some construction firms will thank you.
  • 03:05:59: RT @ebertchicago: Florida legislature accientially outlaws sex.
  • 04:37:28: Inked another on way to work. 2 down, 8 inks 10 sketches to go.
  • 09:08:38: Looks like 90% of work today is sysadmin stuff. AKA babysitting backups, compression, & restores on Windows rigs.
  • 09:47:08: Oooh #rsync take me away!!! šŸ™‚
  • 10:28:59: @wildgasmasks I know a few who would like that for themselves. #idliketotry
  • 12:28:32: @mortonfox Let me know if some baseball players start pecking as well. I think our team let a few go too early.
  • 12:35:12: Too good of an idea: Baltimore Orioles bird told to stand aside against a Pittsburgh Pirate by… #Anthrocon fursuiters. #ac2011 #goodtiming
  • 12:59:47: @smashwolf Because thin (or busty) & red is too common. Gotta be different shape or color.
  • 13:21:25: Hextaur kitteh want to go hyper!!!
  • 15:21:50: Fellow hyperfur needs help for sister w/cancer. More info here:
  • 18:21:54: @RPDOfficer I’m debating if this is a “Jump the Shark” moment.

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