From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 05:59:46: With Skype being borged by Microsoft, Apple needs to step up & open up FaceTime to Linux & Windows; FLOSS system needed too.
  • 11:09:43: @krinndnz Tried Skype in Linux?
  • 11:17:55: @Chakat_Deirdre I just wish they got it fully sucking on all platforms first.
  • 11:24:12: Hit the 3pm “brain full”
  • 11:28:02: @Lizardbeth @2_gryphon Next thing I know he’ll eye Baltimore. Better not! We have crabs & they pinch!
  • 11:38:50: @Firr “And he’s cut off your foreskin!” #midfur2011 (Ask @uncle_Kage & @bigbluefox about that)
  • 17:16:19: Okay, Dancing w/the Stars has just #jumpedtheshark. They’re doing a spoof of ESPN Sportscenter that’s caused me to drop my IQ. #durr
  • 19:22:17: @YipCoyote No, @snirfcoyote’s just on vacation. @BigBlueFox will have Jasper though.
  • 19:26:58: @YipCoyote You’re the only retired coyote; the other one’s on vacation but will be back.

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