From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 02:59:56: RT @ebertchicago: Bin Laden was not armed when killed. Yeah, and neither was anyone in the World Trade Center.
  • 03:15:17: Mmmm yogurt! (@ Whistle Stop Cafe)
  • 03:24:19: Pick up the new orange schedule! Effective next week! (@ Odenton MARC Station w/ 2 others) [pic]:
  • 03:37:03: @djmayhem You get your account hacked harder faster better? #daftpunk
  • 03:41:15: @rubberzebra Not really, more like baked. MacOS X is Unix at heart. It can be hacked, it’s just MUCH MORE difficult.
  • 03:44:15: @notch The Canmephian Deligation appreciates that. #thesealiensarefurry #minecraftkittehs #meow
  • 03:44:45: RT @SmackJackal: Anybody at #CFz2011 see a stray Google Nexus One smart phone wandering around? #lostmyphone
  • 03:47:51: RT @ICHCheezburger: *NPR* – funny pictures – *NPR*LoL by: andykatz paging @NPR
  • 03:49:01: @Chakat_Deirdre @hetzakoatl @gingerrenarde Win7 snap? I want KDE/GNOME/Openbox/FVWM snap!
  • 03:51:48: MARC Penn 408 running late, just passed Halethorpe. Expect 406 to be delayed 5 min when they switch the track.
  • 04:16:29: Traffic is BUNKed on ST Paul between North Ave and Baltimore.
  • 06:34:29: @Chakat_Deirdre @hetzakoatl @gingerrenarde Compiz sucks GPU power like a vampire. Not worth it!
  • 08:05:12: @mortonfox When are you coming down?
  • 08:18:05: @mortonfox Ok. Going all day or after the game? Taking I-95 to I-695 West outer loop would be best.
  • 09:55:26: @rubberzebra Tell that to OpenBSD. They’re so paranoid about security, they claim only two exploits in it’s history!
  • 09:56:31: @rubberzebra I think in the MacBooks, they can do it. Not the MacBook Pros.
  • 11:23:16: @RPDOfficer Wrong hash tag. It’s #oohyeah.
  • 11:24:30: @bucktowntiger I lost respect when he couldn’t take a joke at the Press Club’s annual dinner.

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