From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 03:04:32: This is what we can do with our returning forces:
  • 03:06:51: @Lizardbeth Wrong # of pins. Your missing three. #damnphonecables
  • 03:13:50: Home of the Marathon Coffee Drinking Team! (@ Whistle Stop Cafe)
  • 03:34:37: @Blastgoggles One with a missing pin.
  • 06:23:34: RT @DanSlott: Osama “Mr. Death To America” Bin Laden ordered Coke & Pepsi for his compound in bulk? WTF? You’re k …
  • 08:06:11: Kitteh getting socked at work! Too much to do.
  • 11:01:30: @DragonRift ArsTechnica checked, most of Anon says “not us! We don’t steal credit cards. The op is done.”
  • 13:08:26: RT @mtamaryland: All Brunswick Line trains MAY be delayed 5-10 min Kensington-Rk’ville due to kids playing on tracks
  • 13:10:02: RT @TokoGT: So I guess I gotta leave my MacBook plugged in always if I wanna use it because the promised 7 hr battery lasts just 1 hr.
  • 13:10:30: @TokoGT that’s…. A call to AppleCare.
  • 13:12:04: Ugh… Taurtrain transitkitteh could use a nap.
  • 15:43:56: @Unclekage You’re going voluntarily this time?

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