From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 07:05:46: @thurrott @leolaporte Blame. If it weren’t for Windows Weekly, I could of held out until it was ported to Linux. #penguinportals
  • 07:07:20: @thurrott @leolaporte Granted, Steam is half-way there. I’m hoping for Valve to finish the job, joining Penny Arcade & id Software.
  • 07:35:29: Taking Portal 2 slow. The open-air environment in Chapter 6 is making my fear of heights act up, and I’m sitting down!!!
  • 11:03:27: @Dragoneer GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I bought mine yesterday via Steam!!!
  • 11:16:11: Anyone going to #ac2011? Hero of None is doing a face-painting panel, & needs volunteers. I have a Lyonshel mask!
  • 11:38:16: @wildgasmasks Glow wolfie?
  • 17:03:35: @wildgasmasks So the EL lines will go in the stripes? Next thing it’ll be wired up to an Arduino on the back and a 9V battery.
  • 18:03:14: #NationalTrainDay is this Saturday! NY, DC, Philly, LA, & Chicago Amtrak stations will have events going on.
  • 18:05:05: Hearing that @mtamaryland’s MARC MP36 Diesel Engine & Bi-Level Passenger car will be on display this Sat at Union Station DC.
  • 19:32:31: Via @nprnews: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Officials Say |
  • 19:35:27: Pres is out.
  • 19:47:59: Expect higher security on transit, rail lines, & in airports concerning the news of bin Laden being shot dead.
  • 20:08:28: @witchiebunny @binladens_ghost Someone call the @ghostbusters.

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