From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 03:25:47: Bob Bassett’s master crafter Oleg Petrov died this weekend: Farewell comrade Petrov!
  • 03:35:35: I’m at Whistle Stop Cafe (Odenton)
  • 03:42:13: @DragonRift Hopefully it’ll be powerful enough for current games & some future ones as well.
  • 04:56:04: Nuts! 10ga fell out. Most likely at home, gotta wait until I get back to put it or the 12ga in.
  • 06:47:02: @thinkgeek Tell me about it! My own search turned up zilch.
  • 09:30:53: @lastres0rt spam Twitter stuff gets DMed to @spam.
  • 12:37:01: Can’t anyone make a freaking map with the Gov Wm. Schaefer funeral tour route on it? Even @baltimoresun’s map fails to do this simple thing!
  • 13:29:32: MARC Penn 447 Stuck at Penn Station! Delay unknown. I blame Gov Schaefer…
  • 13:34:52: MARC Penn 447 delayed 10 minutes!
  • 14:26:19: 12ga back in. 10ga being replaced.
  • 15:28:16: @Kisai Ooooh boy. Prepare for false positives!
  • 15:42:45: @Kisai ClamAV would be better then.
  • 15:45:44: @Kisai Specific IPs or ranges? That’s the next step is to null-route them.
  • 16:09:35: Paystub was issued. Yep, I was off from my guess on a dollar.
  • 18:50:04: @TokoGT You got the MBP?
  • 19:46:41: @Hexxeh Ebuild generator project?

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