From Twitter 04-24-2011

  • 06:09:20: Praise the lord & pass the ammo! RT @KaiWulf: Happy Zombie Jesus Day
  • 07:43:07: @stego_s_aurus Portal 1’s about 2-4 hours.
  • 08:37:02: @DoralLizard The domain name is set to the IP, right? If so, it’s more “check if web server software knows the domain name.”
  • 10:14:08: @wildgasmasks How in hell did she get OVER THERE?!?! I thought we had her contained here in MD!
  • 11:32:19: @Kisai Something other than food is burning. Check around your PC or your house, or outside if anyone’s chimey is smoking.
  • 13:48:44: #chickenandfries #tweetinglikebucktown
  • 14:38:52: @stego_s_aurus WANT
  • 15:07:59: @digitalkitty In some cities it is.
  • 15:19:50: @stego_s_aurus Igh… I’d need custom ears on mine…
  • 15:42:19: @smashwolf Hell, even colocation is cheap. @macminicolo starts at $35!
  • 16:56:31: Going through old BBF AC videos. I think it’s time @bigbluefox got an upgraded blue fox suit to match @tanidareal’s updated schnolf suit.
  • 16:57:21: Wait… that was Savoy? How may schnolf’s are there out there?
  • 19:53:38: RT @GeorgeTakei: In case you missed it : TN bill willprevent use of word “gay” by teachers. I’m lending my name: “It’s okay to be Takei.”
  • 19:57:06: @choochoobear AVG Recovery CD. boot into it. No Windows needed.

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