From Twitter 04-23-2011

  • 08:54:18: @Chakat_Deirdre I think it’ll be more of what Epic/iD does mixed with Popcap’s Plants V Zombies.
  • 08:56:00: @Chakat_Deirdre @TokoGT I bet Minecraft iPad would also have Bluetooth access a-la iCade. Use a controller to scroll through tools & move.
  • 08:59:26: @Chakat_Deirdre @TokoGT Gha… now I gotta take this to LiveJournal.
  • 11:52:26: The 10ga is in. Next month, 8ga. That is all.
  • 12:21:19: @krinndnz I’m aiming for 6ga by Anthrocon. Already have it in hand, but gotta take it slow.
  • 12:34:06: Okay, scanner fixed. Canon LiDE 30 does NOT like Linux USB Auto-Suspend.
  • 16:45:37: @Lizardbeth On Cable TV?
  • 16:51:42: @Lizardbeth Ahhh yes.
  • 19:34:20: Hey @flystl, after the airport is back to normal, can you update your maps to include concourses B and D online? Thanks.
  • 19:39:24: @DragonRift <tf2-soldier>THAT CAKE IS A SPY!</tf2-soldier>

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