From Twitter 04-22-2011

  • 03:17:19: Penn train 404 (not found) 10 min late to Odenton & shrinking.
  • 03:46:32: MARC Penn line having problems today, expect delays! Bullet train being rescued.
  • 05:15:51: Yay Friday! Time to catch up and plan.
  • 07:40:58: @stego_s_aurus Worse, she could go schnolf like @tanidareal (snow leopard/wolf mix)
  • 09:39:37: Good news: Garnishment is reduced to $55/paycheck. Bad news: Reduction starts after next paycheck. Gotta absorb loosing $280.
  • 09:44:27: RT @TheDoodlebear: Wow the Door-to-door church people don’t waste any time when the weather warms up. She winced when I said “we buy bul …
  • 09:47:11: @DragonRift But… But… Minecraft!!! XD
  • 11:48:47: @stego_s_aurus @tugrik I had one of those. Never again!
  • 17:09:24: Looking for a folding Bluetooth Dvorak keyboard usable on an iPhone. Cheap is good.
  • 17:12:15: .@rubberzebra I’m actually looking for a blind fur using her iPhone to connect to FurryMuck. (iPhone has built-in screen reader)
  • 17:17:38: @rubberzebra The iPhone can remap any hardware keyboard to Dvorak. that’s built in. Software keyboard you need a hack.
  • 17:44:57: Hey @thinkgeek, got any Dvorak bluetooth travel keyboards? Got a gal who could use one for her iPhone.
  • 17:47:51: @thinkgeek She’s blind, so could use one like the Palm/iGo Stowaway keyboard. Needs to be Bluetooth HID compliant for iPhone usage!
  • 17:58:58: @smashwolf Done that before. Fixed it soon after or had backups.

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