From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 03:24:28: @stego_s_aurus I mean native binaries, not through an API emulation layer. They’re half-way there.
  • 03:26:36: @krinndnz Comparing Twitter vs IRC is like comparing blogs with IM. Two different jobs, w/no common ground.
  • 03:40:17: @choochoobear It’s a survival/sandbox game w/semi-retro 3D. Simple but addictive.
  • 05:34:50: @krinndnz It’s really not real-time. Twitter is posted publicly, IRC is broadcasted & not archived.
  • 05:36:15: @krinndnz Twitter is more like an email discussion list (listserv/Yahoo Groups) than IRC.
  • 05:37:16: RT @Huskyteer: Know who should be trending today? Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. Shot down April 21st, 1918. Not that other Germ …
  • 06:09:58: @howardtayler They do, it’s their managers that don’t. New update on Al’s blog.
  • 08:21:10: Thursday in Mt Vernon (@ Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon)
  • 08:45:28: @matthewebel both. They hire more to handle demand when they have the money to do so.
  • 09:16:07: I knew it: Apple says iPhone 5 will not have LTE, iPhone 6 will
  • 11:11:26: @matthewebel The problem is turning that revenue around. Credit cards is a 3-day wait. Some wait a month due to past fraud.
  • 11:13:03: @matthewebel Meanwhile, you gotta pay workers now. You can’t pay if you don’t have the cash, so you can’t hire.
  • 11:14:26: @matthewebel plus, investors want a return, so companies want to hold down costs.
  • 16:07:09: @krinndnz Seesmic has that.
  • 19:09:43: RT @Pathia: mat_motion_blur_enabled 0 for those that might have similar motion sickness in portal 2
  • 19:11:39: @zc456 Best one so far is WebcamStudio for GNU/LInux, which is a Java program. 😦
  • 19:15:01: @zc456 I really do want to write one, though, using GStreamer and Perl. But if you have a Mac, I have a work-around.
  • 19:18:13: @zc456 I know. I wrote a Perl script to export around the mouse to another X11 server that CamTwist grabbed.

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