From Twitter 04-20-2011

  • 03:04:17: @Dragoneer Wait, you switched from your iPhone 3GS?
  • 03:06:24: @rubberzebra Patch Tuesday hit hard this month. has details.
  • 03:12:47: Coffee needed. (@ Whistle Stop Cafe)
  • 03:39:48: @smashwolf hehe… We will need to get you to the herm haven one of there days. (t hh)
  • 03:45:49: RT @ICHCheezburger: Iz diz goldn potatr? (paging @ailure re potatocat)
  • 03:50:42: Gotta call over to fight a garnishment order. Otherwise, finances are out of control & may have to file for bankruptcy. 😦
  • 03:51:39: So, no Portal 2 (or games) for me for a while. Gifts appreciated.
  • 06:34:25: Got better service this time. Will send off paperwork to CCU, get garnishment shrunk down to more manageable level.
  • 08:50:57: @stego_s_aurus What do you use them for? Latex?
  • 11:18:36: Going to the Orioles game today by Light Rail? From North of Bal’mer, hon? Park at Timonium! Bus bridge @ Hunt Valley is too slow.
  • 13:28:13: MARC Penn 447 engine problem at Baltimore. Unknown delay at this time, EST 5-6 min.
  • 13:30:19: @TokoGT You paying for the game?
  • 13:36:33: @TokoGT Where’s my copy? #izbroke
  • 13:39:40: Penn 447 about to depart running aprox 15 min late. Engine is up, testing brakes now.
  • 13:44:47: Penn 447 back up, running 20-25 min late behind late Amtrak.
  • 18:36:30: Okay, I’m spoiled. No need for Portal 2 at this time.
  • 19:06:18: Okay, new rule. I won’t play Portal 2 until it gets released on Linux.

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