From Twitter 04-17-2011

  • 09:51:33: @stego_s_aurus For the Heavy, it’s called a Sandvich.
  • 14:01:00: @Lizardbeth It’s AIM. We need furs in industrual dust-free enviroment bunny suits.
  • 17:42:20: @TigerPillow Well, how much power does the Texas governor have in reality? It also means how much folks don’t trust Texas gov’s in Texas.
  • 17:43:47: @kusanagisama @TigerPillow Exactly the point.
  • 17:44:50: Hint to voters: If the candidate for ANYTHING is a Texas governor, DO NOT VOTE. AVOID!
  • 17:45:42: @kusanagisama @TigerPillow I learned that from a fellow Texan who I was able to invite up to AC a few years ago. Heads Bookworm Computing.
  • 17:54:13: @kusanagisama @TigerPillow I would of voted for H. Ross Perot, who *had* a plan. I can’t vote for any Tea Party candidate due to extreemism.
  • 18:04:53: @kusanagisama I think very severe & immediate cuts hurt in the long-run. One that wants to do away with many programs now w/o proof.
  • 18:06:01: @kusanagisama Let the extreme Tea Party candidate fight it out with the extreme Democrat & Republican spenders while I talk it over coffee.
  • 18:08:18: @kusanagisama They really didn’t outside the military. Some of these programs date back to WW2 & Great Depression.
  • 18:09:01: @kusanagisama I’m going through your link. I like some of the ideas but not others.

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