From Twitter 04-14-2011

  • 03:22:02: @MaxDeGroot And this has to do with tiny penguin computers how?
  • 03:24:53: @mtamaryland Will 406 & 408 pass 404?
  • 03:32:14: @mtamaryland 404 is 26 min late arriving at Odenton.
  • 03:34:48: Six-pair taurtrain kitteh now on 404 (Train not found). Happy #taursday!
  • 04:37:31: @MaxDeGroot I’d get into a political debate, but it’ll have to wait for when I can post to LiveJournal. Hint: flat corporate tax.
  • 04:50:34: Someone give MARC Penn train 404/419’s crew a freakin’ break!
  • 05:18:37: Test tweet from Seesmic.
  • 05:22:11: Looking at Tweetbot from @tapbots. I’m not sure, but the UI could use some liposuction. #toomuchpadding
  • 05:39:09: Yeah, this is a pain. Liking Seesmic’s tight-packed UI but want Twitterific 2’s/Tweetbot’s in-line tweet handling.
  • 05:40:33: Also wish Seesmic’s twirl handled retweets better.
  • 11:08:25: @Lizardbeth I’m not sure, but the terranian Pan Galactic Gargleblaster comes to mind…
  • 13:02:31: Transitkitteh tired. Want to take @blastgoggles pandabus hoem.
  • 17:42:54: Okay, I’m broke until next week. Had to pay two family bills that were due by tomorrow, & my student loan bill! OUCH!
  • 18:03:46: @tugrik Tornado hit Atoka, OK. Friend just south of there is fine.
  • 19:08:04: @BigBlueFox Looks like it may be another fursuit. 🙂

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