From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 03:17:45: I just became the mayor of Whistle Stop Cafe on @foursquare!
  • 08:06:25: @BRGRwagon Whereare you? I’m at commerce & e. Pratt! No wagon!
  • 10:35:56: @BRGRwagon No prob. Transitkitteh will try next week to come & say “I can has cheesburger?” 🙂
  • 10:51:39: @tawnybronzelyon Yes, 5 Guys is where you get a couple of grease bombs all peppered up, lay you up in the hospital for 3 days straight. 😀
  • 10:53:50: @DoralLizard Assuming it’s configured to look at Host B for the data now, I don’t see any problems.
  • 18:22:47: Anyone driven a Kia Soul? Fellow fur not on Twitter is looking at getting one. Already test-drove one, but got some FUD from Nissan.
  • 18:28:58: @MaxDeGroot Any problems w/it over poor roads or highway speeds?
  • 19:29:47: @MaxDeGroot No worries on the repair bill, I take it.
  • 19:32:23: @MaxDeGroot Thanks! Looks like the Nissan FUD was just that.
  • 19:55:28: @SplitPersona Asus UL80JT. NVIDIA optimus graphics at $650 over at Newegg.
  • 20:00:12: @TokoGT one more week. Preload now.

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