From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 02:27:49: Early morning run to DC for all day seminar in Tyson’s Corner. Going to be looong day.
  • 02:32:37: RT @kimmiecakes: HELP. Where can I get 8-bit pantyhose?! Like this: #femmegeekneeds
  • 04:26:41: Made it into seminar ok. Will be at Tyson’s Corner Marriot till 6pm. Then another 2hr commute home. What fun!
  • 05:11:49: Hey @mtamaryland, didn’t you publish a data feed for developers?
  • 05:17:51: You know you’ve gone too far when you interface Logo with a SQL database.
  • 06:25:36: RT @nprnews: In Philly, It’s Toad Detour Time Again
  • 08:00:58: @NvidiaOptimus Now only if you would donate code to Xorg X11 Server project… #linuxoptimus
  • 09:36:07: @wilw File a police report now. Don’t wait. Do it now.
  • 11:42:25: NTS: Bring those power supplies next time, dummy. Bring the iPhone cable too!
  • 13:20:32: Time to bug on out! Going back home.
  • 16:51:19: Home! Finally! <tf2 class=”heavy”>IT WAS LOOOOONG TRIP!</tf2>
  • 17:09:56: Summary: AVOID I-66. It is crap between anywhere and DC.
  • 18:00:24: @DragonRift Well, get on with it. TF2, however, you should get on a good server (

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