From Twitter 04-03-2011

  • 06:51:21: *yawn* I need coffee.
  • 06:56:53: Moving /home out of sandra’s 1st HD to the 2nd HD. Better option would be to install a 500 gig HD but I don’t have that cash.
  • 07:20:54: @PeglaSkunk You’ll be sooo-rrrryyyy…..
  • 07:22:37: Damn, how much duplicated crap do I have on this HD?!? No winders why it’s full.
  • 07:32:39: @cloakable Unintentionally so. Gotta rework my setup for proper data redundancy.
  • 07:35:30: @cloakable More like BeyondRAID. Aiming for a Drobo.
  • 11:34:00: Okay, gaming laptop/desktop scanner interface is good. Need to realloicate some USB hubs.
  • 11:57:46: Temporarily blocking @furrymate as a lesson on how not to market to people. Use Twitter as support & communication, not spam.
  • 11:58:37: In other words, don’t follow folks before you start. Let them follow you, and then follow back. Communication, not spam.
  • 16:59:57: @DoralLizard Needs a password. I take it that’s intended? (and if so, did we pass?)
  • 19:32:01: Just making a note here of proper RedWolf color fur… or close to it. via @AddThis

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