From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 03:05:54: @choochoobear It’s been too long for this game. But pigs are flying now (because Duke’s dropkicking them).
  • 03:27:26: @stego_s_aurus Can’t. They killed Linux support and are suing to keep it that way.
  • 04:50:31: @Lizardbeth Ref on FA page. Can’t link right now, at work.
  • 06:11:29: @gideonscorral The Nash Metro? Or the Pink Catalac.
  • 07:17:56: @TokoGT No, but there’s cake.
  • 13:06:30: RT @SJGames: #hook A mad scientist is turning Chinese bears into deadly corrosive gas. Watch out… it’s pandammonium! -sjm
  • 13:56:52: Paging @sggrc RT @thinkgeek: Get a Samsung laptop recently? May want to check for preinstalled keylogger: Yuck.
  • 17:31:35: @egypturnash There should be change machines there, last time I checked. Play some for me. I missed at the last 2 FC’s!

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