From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 05:48:40: No snow here, but the day is already brighter with BBF’s MiDFur 2010 video being pulled.
  • 08:33:48: Installing various bits of Visual Studio on redwolf laptop, moving my data off oldredwolf to sandra laptop. I need to order a stand.
  • 10:50:29: RT @towelday: Less than 2 months to go until #towelday 2011! DON’T PANIC
  • 11:05:46: Best way to improve Twilight: New Moon so far: Involve SuperBear.
  • 14:34:07: Netbook eBay auction nearly at $200 and with under 10 min left!!!
  • 14:48:41: WOO HOO! $232.50 for the netbook.
  • 15:08:00: What is your favorite type of music? — Filk and parody. If the filk/parody is good, I usually check out the sourc…
  • 16:47:09: Paid! Switching bills around, ordering one item, pushing the bank account into the black.
  • 17:33:07: RT @BigBlueFox: Chicago House Live Set! (Broadcasting live at
  • 17:37:02: @digitalkitty What were those suits? I’ve forgotten already.
  • 17:59:42: what is your religion? (if you dont mind me asking) — I don’t follow any religion. I’m rather agnostic.
  • 18:19:54: Figured as much. Boss is out & won’t make a seminar. Back to plan A.

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