From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 03:25:45: Now pondering a blog called FurReview, doing these product reviews… Tagged, of course.
  • 05:29:45: @Ailure I doubt it’ll be all tech. Movies and games could also be reviewed. It’s all tagged as such.
  • 07:30:44: @Blastgoggles *iz 9-tailed hugged*
  • 09:23:58: @rubberzebra Would this work for breasts?
  • 09:59:05: @rubberzebra But are they’re integrated in the suit? And how big?
  • 14:39:03: @rubberzebra Yeah, but I doubt they make H-cup or beyond. Anything beyond a F-cup needs to be custom made, and three in a row?
  • 19:09:08: @rubberzebra Maybe a different construction technique could be used, embedding/mixing the silicone with hollow beads to reduce weight.
  • 19:16:13: @rubberzebra I doubt one could layer the silicone, produce a hollow 2-3″ layer, then air/bead/silicone mix the rest.

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