From Twitter 03-24-2011

  • 03:42:35: @stego_s_aurus time to get my Smurf Smacker and make some Smurf Smuck.
  • 03:57:18: SAAXOOON HAAAAAAAALE!!!!!!
  • 05:50:10: @DragonRift At least we get to curbstomp them.
  • 07:20:09: Hey @ihnatko & @matthewebel how are you liking the T’s new MARC engine? From Maryland with love. 🙂
  • 08:41:20: @matthewebel @ihnatko Nope, it’s 100% fossil fuel Diesel driven. 15 years old, but for MBTA, that’s brand new!
  • 14:11:26: FUCK! family car was hit before I arrived at Odenton on way home. Nobody injured. Dad’s dealing with the insurance now.
  • 14:42:12: Nuts. Insurance wants the car in at 9a for an eval. Mom has an MRI at 8a.
  • 15:07:29: @TokoGT I wasn’t in the accident. Dad was, but he’s ok. Airbag didn’t deploy.
  • 15:36:16: @Bcatbite Yeah, I’m selling my netbook myself.
  • 16:18:55: @smashwolf Told ‘ya not to check into the Hotel California. I had to hold a seance just to send this message to ‘ya!

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