From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 03:09:13: @Ihnatko Dropbox. Public folder.
  • 04:09:59: Signal probs on MARC Penn line immediately north & south of BWI. Amtrak crews on sites. 10-20 min delays.
  • 04:12:42: @the_gneech That would explain alot of movies…
  • 06:27:17: @Pathia No, TMo & AT&T use same standard (GSM), so you won’t switch phones next year.
  • 07:30:55: @Pathia *shakes heads* Assumes phone hardware is single band. Most are dual or triband. Check your phone.
  • 10:07:40: @Ihnatko @matthewebel I now wonder if they sell shovels in the airport. Maybe in vending machines?
  • 12:38:02: @Pathia That’s very true. Too bad it won’t be until next year and if the FCC, FTC, maybe Justice Dept say yes.
  • 12:39:15: RT @two_pi_r: “AT&T is getting married to T-Mobile. There will be no reception afterwards.” #irc
  • 18:44:50: People thinking T-Mobile users need to replace their phones need to be slapped hard.

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