From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 03:02:59: Ordered the new laptop, w/overnight shipping, from Newegg. $650+37. Now to sell the old netbook.
  • 03:05:37: @digitalkitty @jf So does Vi, although in rare cases makes you furry.
  • 03:35:57: CMRT Odenton/Piney Orchard M route just started today on Northbound side of @mtamaryland’s Odenton MARC station. #notthebusloop
  • 03:38:01: @RPDOfficer Too late. MS killed the Zune.
  • 03:52:22: WTF MEYERS!?! A FAQ for Twilight New Moon?!? Now I know this is a horrid tome.
  • 05:28:55: Ugh… Can’t wait for order to be shipped… *boobquakes in anticipation* #hyperhumpday #massivevibrations
  • 05:31:03: I bet some will want to give me some flack for that last tweet. I donated to the Red Cross a few days ago.
  • 08:09:46: Ennnnggghhhh coomeee oooonnnn!!!!!!! #majornewtechwithdraw #itsageekthing #thatswhatshisaid
  • 10:21:16: RT @2_gryphon: Holy crap! This is awesome! I’ve been GMODed! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • 10:57:42: @RPDOfficer Did. They did. The software lives on as WinPhone 7.
  • 11:01:12: @RPDOfficer Read that. Same thing. Zune hardware line is dead, long live WinPhone 7.
  • 13:18:06: @tugrik Hats.
  • 13:19:03: RT @thinkgeek: Halp! Anyone got leads on ice cream trucks in Fairfax VA area? We need one for a (delicious) video shoot next week. We’ll …
  • 17:47:13: With the new laptop coming in, I’m now left to ponder what to do with some older hardware…
  • 18:56:21: As of 10:36pm my laptop was tracking in Harrisburg, PA. That’s about 2 hrs from Baltimore, 2.5-3 to me.
  • 19:42:52: @BigBlueFox Most PC’s will slow down to stop from melting the CPU.

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