From Twitter 03-15-2011

  • 03:05:41: RT @TokoGT: Microsoft uses Japan disaster as marketing ploy. Apple saves lives. I love them for this.
  • 04:08:26: @dsearls unlocked phone?
  • 09:56:44: *grabs @ChakatSilver’s butt w/4 hands* Only if this were longer! #morehextaurs #happybirthday
  • 11:22:42: RT @RealEddieMurphy: #QuestionsIHate “Why don’t you text me anymore?” I don’t know. Mayb b3cuz yhu t3x+ lik di$
  • 11:32:05: @scottmccloud @JessFink Can you say lawsuit?
  • 13:32:09: @GeorgeTakei Tweet it, and they will repost. #signalboost
  • 20:16:16: @ShivaeStudios An expression of stupidity, the vocal equivalent of a brain fart (the latter of which I hear attracts zombies)
  • 20:16:55: @YipCoyote seesmic.

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