From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 04:18:44: Ordering a Chumby from Woot!
  • 07:47:22: In a land rules by ink, sticky notes, & dead trees… I’m stuck waiting for emails for more info. #THISISEYETEE
  • 07:48:58: Mmmm latex coated taurtrain sound good about now…
  • 07:50:03: Btw, #taursday!!!! #12onfloor #ahandorsix #multifurry
  • 09:36:05: RT @Dragoneer: Truck Hauling 8,000 Gallons of Printer Ink Results in the Most Beautiful Crash Ever (via @Gizmodo)
  • 13:36:05: @mtamaryland A 1 min delay? O_o
  • 15:13:20: RT @KaiWulf: A naked twink with a big ding dong is such a beautiful thing
  • 17:04:47: @Catwoman69y2k Oh really now… I take it you tested @rubberzebra’s vacbed?

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