From Twitter 03-04-2011

  • 11:02:06: @witchiebunny Sounds like the router’s dynamic address range is too short. Which for alot of ’em is default. #geek1stdohlater
  • 11:07:46: Will people just stop killing sites I’m trying to upload porn to? Geeesh! These pics don’t grow on leaves! Gotta wait to fap to them!
  • 11:38:29: @MaxDeGroot it’s up but unstable.
  • 15:27:21: Damnit, need to buy a mid-range laptop. Gaming laptop won’t do and netbook’s not capable. May auction off netbook.
  • 15:30:12: Anyone want a pre-ION Nvidia-carrying Asus N10J w/Win7 on it? Comes w/128g SSD, 16g SDHC, 120g spare HD & DVD drive.
  • 15:38:11: Asus N10J product page: Config: No ExpressGate (but addable), SSD swapped in. Good condition.
  • 18:17:05: @tugrik Ugh. stuff changed in trebucket and there’s no options to turn off quote highlighting/blink on stopped scroll.
  • 19:06:22: Patching Trebucket/TK so I have the option of not having the world blink it’s LED when Treb’s not the active window.

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