From Twitter 03-02-2011

  • 05:28:15: Mmmmm payday.
  • 05:35:52: Ordered the next two steps in stretching my PA from @bodycircle. It’s time to go bigger!
  • 07:39:23: @RebelsHeart Screwed up? Well screw it back down!!! 🙂
  • 13:20:24: @Chakat_Deirdre Is it worth getting if you don’t have one? *wants 32 gig Wifi*
  • 14:04:10: @TokoGT I’m $75/mo for mine. May switch to cheaper plan w/teathering & drop 3G card contract.
  • 15:15:32: Week delay in that order. @bodycircle has to make more 10ga curved barbells. Glad for the update from them though!
  • 15:16:34: @Hello_Kuma 14ga. Going 10ga, wait 2 months, 6ga final.
  • 15:19:55: Pondering an iPad now for $500, or a iPad 2 for $600 at end of month.
  • 15:44:41: Crap. Gotta wait on *any* iPad. Finances won’t support it.
  • 16:01:29: Taxes are filed.
  • 20:14:44: @Chakat_Deirdre Hehe… sounds like we need to get our own.
  • 20:17:50: @Chakat_Deirdre I won’t be getting the 3G ether. 32 gig Wifi.

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